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Our Programs

Institute of Project Management Professionals offer the following programs:

  1. Professional Diploma
  2. CBTL Degree Program

Program Description

IPMP Program train professional’s in the field of Project management Consultant, Project Procurement Engineer, Project Economist, and Project Financial Engineer prepared for senior level leadership, consulting, and teaching positions within business, government, nonprofit organizations, etc. Candidate in this concentration are educated to discover new solutions to unsolved problems as a leader within global organizations. Candidate will develop analytic and research skills to define problems, study advanced content knowledge to discover innovative solutions, and practice consulting and leadership techniques to facilitate innovative change in organizations, communities, and society. Using these skills, members may find opportunities as leaders within nonprofit organizations and businesses, as consultants, or as faculty within higher education.


Program Objectives

This practice-based research program focuses on the improvement of professional practice, which will enable participants to:

  • Build on existing skills, experiences and knowledge
  • Deepen self-reflection
  • Acquire a range of research and inquiry skills
  • Improve their personal practice through a unique and rich learning journey
  • Develop new and innovative project management practices within their organisation

The Institute of Project Management Professionals is African first Professional Institution training students in project management among the institutions in Ghana and Africa at Large. The program in Project Management Practice is an in-depth practical exploration of effective and innovative solutions to project management within organizations. Throughout the course members will attend residential sessions with course colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds and variety of industries and disciplines. This is an opportunity to

  • Hear from thought leaders in the area of project management
  • Share best practice,
  • Develop innovative solutions for your organisation based on norms within other sectors


Why choose this Program?

This unique program is for experienced practitioners, leaders, managers and directors, as well as senior consultants. This program is ideal for high level managers and leaders who are interested in questioning current practices and developing an improved understanding of project management, and ultimately a higher project success rate, across their organisation. The outcomes for those completing the program include:

  • Capability of using research methods to solve problems in professional practice
  • Original contribution to professional knowledge and practice in the chosen field of study
  • Application of research findings to personal context and professional practice
  • Improved effectiveness as professional practitioners
  • Association and engagement with a wide community of reflective practitioners

IPMP Advantage

After completion of our Certified Program candidate will admitted to a Degree Program with Entrepreneurial University of Costa Rica for Bachelor Degree, there is also the option of completing an IPMP Certified Project management Consultant, Certified Project Procurement Engineer and Certified Project Financial Engineer while starting work on the Doctoral Fellow.


Graduation Requirements

In addition to the successful completion of 104 course credit hours with an acceptable performance, members must also satisfactorily complete and defend their research with a dissertation. The dissertation must be published in Dama International Journal Researchers which is the official publishing journal of the Institute.



The program offers a research-based career development path for experienced and senior professionals who wish to extend their professional practice and expertise through a reflective route leading to a professional research degree. The Professionals in Project Management provides the next rung on the ladder of personal, professional and Organisational development for senior practitioners. The program is designed to meet the needs of practitioners who wish to keep abreast of new developments, refine their research and reflection skills, and work at doctoral level on challenges, issues or problems that are of direct relevance to their own professional interests and wider institutional concerns. Participants will be looking to engage in deep learning, make a unique contribution to research and practice and address issues of concern to contemporary organizations and projects. The program builds upon a decade of expertise within the National Centre for Project Management (NCPM) in supporting work-centred and practice-based postgraduate learners.  


Teaching Methods

The program is delivered over intensive residential weekends, normally Saturdays & Sundays, 8 days per month (up to 96 days in total per year). The DFPM is structured into three phases, each with its own assessment regime, designed to support the learner through to final submission. Participants must satisfy the requirements of each phase before they may proceed to the next. DFPM is not a conventional classroom-taught program, but rather a guided one in which participants will be formulating and pursuing their own particular inquiry together with others during the eight-day meetings, where they will work as a whole group and also in smaller learning groups with a supervisor and through email contact in between.  Leading practitioners and researchers will share insights, frameworks and perspectives and provide details about their own developing personal inquiries, which will be used as a basis for discussion, reflection and discovery. Participants will develop into an extended community of researching practitioners engaged in parallel journeys, which are participative, mutually informing and supportive, yet insightful and questioning. This will involve participants in exploring their practice in discussion, intensive reading and reflective writing.