About Institute of Project Management Professionals (IPMP)

(Professional Bodies Registration NO. PB. 68 | Affiliated to NABPTEX | Partner of American Association of Project Managers)

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About IPMP

Institute Project Management is an African based professional body offering training and qualification in Project Management and related programs, focused on Certified Project Management Consultant, Certified Project Procurement Engineer, Certified Project Financial Engineer, Corporate Project Management Training, and Doctoral Fellow in Project Management. 

The Institute of Project Management Professionals offers Professional Qualifications (PQ) in Project Management at six levels which includes Foundation Certificate, Advance Certificate, Professional Diploma, Professional Advance Diploma, Professional Graduate Diploma, and Professional Post Graduate Diploma. The Institute brings unique benefits and international qualifications with the standards expected from such regulated Professional Bodies Registration Decree, 1973 (NRCD 143).


Institute of Project Management Professionals is dedicated to promote and advance the science and practice of project management in the world especially enhance development in West Africa and foster the highest level of professionalism and project success.


To train Professionals in the field of Project Management to become the national backbone of various countries, organization and ready to meet and overcome risks/challenges.


The purpose of IPMP is to promote excellence in the practice of professional project managers by Certifying and regulating its members.  Institute of Project Management Professionals is established to:

  1. Conducts examinations for its members to test the competency level
  2. Awards membership of the Institute;
  3. Evaluate the competency of persons engaged in project management
  4. Awards certificates of competency in the field of project management, and
  5. Research and publish on matters relating to national project development, matters of professionals interest and all relevant reports with regards to national development


IPMP is aim at training professionals with skills in expediting by initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria