Guidance & Counselling

(Professional Bodies Registration NO. PB. 68 | Affiliated to NABPTEX | Partner of American Association of Project Managers)

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The Counselling Service is here to help you address personal or emotional problems that get in the way of realising your full academic and personal potential. The service offers free and confidential advice to both Members and No-Members.


Self-Help Information

We also give a wide range of self-help information covering issues including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, academic or exam worries, homesickness and bereavement. 


Consultation Service

The permanent staff offers a consultation service to all members of the Institute. The service offers members of the institute an opportunity to discuss concerns, receive information and advice about managing difficult situations, eg. where they are supporting a member in distress. Additionally, a member of the permanent team is available as a duty counsellor at other times during the week. If they are not immediately available, they will endeavour to return your call as a matter of priority.