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Membership Examination Period

The Professional Examination of the IPMP (all level) is held in April, August & December of every year. Only registered students of the institute who have paid their Examination Fees. Annual Subscription and the Special Levy up to date are eligible to apply for the examinations.


Examination Registration

Candidates will be required to register for the professional Examinations by sending a mail or picking the examination registration form from our office. Examinations and assessment are currently provided as part of the course framework of an IPMP registered or accredited training programs. The assessment is based on centralize examinations with a local and international component to the examination program. Core programs will be the first to qualify for global assessment with specializations being assessed through course framework as currently performed. The examining body (Professional Academic & Examination committee) is responsible for providing examination questions for assessment and marking of scripts. Examinations of IPMP will be held in all the centers will be communicated to candidates one (1) month to the examination. Change of center by candidates after submission of entry form, where one examination center has been selected on the application form will not be allowed by the Institute. Candidates are entreated to give due consideration to several factors that may influence them before they choose an examination center, because the Institute will prepare full list of candidates for each center they have personally chosen and failure to be at the venue will be treated as examination absence.



Scope of the Examinations

The examination for all papers shall be set to cover all aspects of the syllabus content of each subject.


Communication of Examination Results

The result of the examination in the form of a Grade Sheet is communicated to each candidate at the mailing address mentioned in the examination application form. Member Candidates, who do not receive the Grade Sheets within a month from the date of official announcement of the results, should contact us for a duplicate copy. The result is also uploaded on the Association’s website.


Examination Policy

  • Eligibility: The following regulations cover the eligibility requirements for taking the IPMP examination:


  • Exemption Policy: Your previous qualifications may entitle you to exemptions from certain IPMP course examinations. This will ensure that your point of entry is the most suitable for your level of knowledge and skills and will prevent you repeating areas with which you are already familiar.


  • Regular Member Candidates: The Member Candidates, who are enrolled under the Training Course program (through Official Learning Providers, Regional Partners or duly approved Independent Training Centers) in a particular session, must have attended at least 75% lectures in the class and secured 50% marks in Class Test, Class Presentation and Class Participation in order to become eligible to appear in the final examination of the subject.


  • Distance Learning: The Member Candidates, who are enrolled under the Correspondence Course program, must have submitted 100% assignments on or before 20thMarch, 20th July, and 20th November, and must have obtained 60% marks in each assignment.


  • Professional Continues Development Professionals: The same conditions are applied for Professional Continues Development Plan. The PCDP to replace the examination / assignment credits is subject to the approval of Membership Committee.


  • Absence from Examination: IPMP members who apply for the IPMP examinations will not be allowed to cancel his or her application by personal withdrawal except it is connected with disqualification. Not meeting academic requirements, ill health, bad character for which it is the jurisdiction of the Institute to cancel application and no fees shall be refunded in all respects


  • Examination Progression Scheme: The Member Candidates, who are eligible for exemptions and join the IPMP for the first time, are allowed to appear for examination in a maximum of two Stages at a time, including any partially exempted Stage,. In order to progress to the next higher stage, they must pass the lowest level Stage in which they are enrolled.


  • Associate Member: A Member Candidate can appear in any subject of Level II examination, if he/she has passed all the papers of Foundation Level I Examination.


  • Full Member: A Member Candidate can appear in any subject of Level III examination, if he/she has passed all the papers of Level II Examination.


  • Chartered Member: A Member Candidate can appear in any subject of Foundation Level IV examination, if he/she has passed all the papers of Foundation Level I & II Examination.


  • Certified Member: A Member Candidate can appear in any subject of Level V examination, if he/she has passed all the papers of Level IV Examination


  • Consultant/Engineer: A Member Candidate can appear in any subject of Professional Final Level Examination, if he/she has passed all the papers of Level IV Examination


Tutorial Centers

The Institute of Project Management Professionals makes it a point to ensure quality education for adequate preparation for examination and hence sees the need to run tutorials for member candidates who have challenges with courses. The tutorials, which mandate the name school, will be held only on weekend for benefits of all categories of membership level. Tuition for membership examination is optional to individuals and have right to choose from any of our Training Centers depending on the location of he/she.