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(Professional Bodies Registration NO. PB. 68 | Affiliated to NABPTEX | Partner of American Association of Project Managers)

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By partnering with the Institute of Project Management Professionals (IPMP) your organisation will gain many advantages. You will:

  • Raise awareness of your organisation within the market place
  • Assist in the development of your employees through Continuous Professional Development
  • Expand your business networks
  • Help keep your organisation at the forefront of innovation


These advantages are all cost-effective ways of increasing productivity and profit. By linking your organisation with IPMP you have access for many services and events that will benefit your employees regardless of their individual member status. Our corporate programmes differ between countries. Corporate packages usually allow you to nominate representatives from within your organisation to be registered as participants of IPMP events. Nominating key personnel is a cost-effective and useful way of introducing employees to the benefits of the IPMP network and is an excellent way to give an overview to senior managers in related specialisms such as Human Resources, Marketing and Finance.


Corporate Membership Requirement

  • Filled Corporate Membership Application form
  • Company Site Visiting by IPMP Professional Academic Development Committee
  • Continues Development Plan – CDP 


Corporate Membership Levels

The corporate membership of the institute shall consist four (4) levels which include the following:

  1. Affiliate Corporate Members
  2. Full Corporate Members
  3. Chartered Corporate Members
  4. Certified Corporate Members


Affiliate Corporate Member: This Level is open to all companies yearning to be relevant in all fields of Project Management. The objective of this qualification is to empower and increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of people at various areas of the Company.


Corporate Membership: This Level builds on the knowledge gained from Affiliate Membership Level, although companies with vast experience may wish to begin their membership at this level. The training course is of benefit to those in middle management positions who seek to develop a more strategic view of Project Management operations. It will give them the capability to review and modify operational activities.


Chartered Corporate Member: This Level is aims at giving senior managers and leader’s strategic management and decision-making skills to enable them stimulate to the highest levels of success and impact.


Certified Corporate Member: This Level includes organisational Building & Structuring. Companies are expected to become familiar with analytical concepts and to use them in their management role. They will be aware of ethical issues, sustainability, and global environmental issues. Students will develop skills and research methodology and importantly must produce a work–based project