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Institute of Project Management Professionals

Many organizations need personnel with solid Project Management competence. Individuals who possess the skills, knowledge, and experiences required to successfully manage projects will increasingly be in high demand in this growing professional field. Certification is highly regarded in part because it improves one’s capability to deliver better, faster, and less expensive services and products.

AAPM Certifications

IPMP in partnership with AAPM offers a comprehensive certification program for project practitioners of all education and skill levels. Currently consisting of six credentials, the program demonstrates both your commitment to the profession and your expertise through certifying education, experience and competency. Rigorously developed by project managers, AAPM certifications ensure that you and your projects excel. The 2017 AAPM Pulse of the Profession study found that organizations with more than 35% AAPM certified project managers had better project performance. And according to the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 80% of high-performing projects use a credentialed project manager. Make sure you’re one of them by earning AAPM & IPMP certification.

Diploma in Project Management

  1. Project Integration Management
  2. Project Management Application & Software
  3. Project Management Law & Ethics
  4. Project Leadership and Governance
  5. Project Management Consultancy
  6. Computer Application in Project Management

Advance Certificate in Project Management

  1. Quantitative Techniques-Applied statistics
  2. Project Procurement & Contract Management
  3. Project Quality Management
  4. Project Accounting Management
  5. Project Quality Management
  6. Project Time Management

Certificate in Project management

  1. Project Scope Management
  2. Project Planning and Development
  3. Project Time (Scheduling) Management
  4. Project Risk Management
  5. Project Quality Management
  6. Project Communications Management