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The Institute of Project Management Professionals (IPMP) is a Licensing and Regulatory Professional Body in Ghana. IPMP is incorporated under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179) as a private Company limited by guarantee, duly registered as a Professional Body in accordance with the provisions of the Professional Bodies Registration Decree, 1973 (NRCD 143) as Chartered Project Management Institute (CPMI) to train professionals in project management with Professional Bodies Registration No. PB 68.

Institute of Project Management Professionals programs offers a focused four concentration which include Project Management, Project Procurement Engineering, Project Financial Engineering and Project Economics. This rigorous curriculum integrates Project Management tools with management concepts, giving practitioners the skills to manage an entire lifecycle of a product or program. This concentration in Project Management is designed to expand the skills

of senior level program or portfolio managers. Member Candidate will be challenged to contribute to the current body of knowledge in this area through scholarly research and writing. The program at Institute of Project Management Professionals train students to become Project Management professionals. The program prepares Member Candidate to think and act strategically and enhance their abilities to make positive contributions in their chosen area of management expertise.

The Project Management program with Institute of Project Management Professionals is an innovative program of study designed to support senior project practitioners in the development of their role. Bringing a broad range of benefits to the organizations in which they work. The unique program of study provides a bespoke learning system tailored to the needs of individuals and organizations. The program emphasizes on three sets of competencies:

  • Specific Concentration discipline
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Research and Writing

In addition, graduation requires the approval of a dissertation which documents the member’s research processes and presents the findings and conclusions of that research, and suggests future research. The dissertation is divided into two major segments: the proposal and the full dissertation. The proposal will be developed by the Candidate, and then submitted by the mentor to the Institute Review Board. The research will then be conducted and written up, resulting in the full dissertation, which is then reviewed by a committee. These processes are conducted under the supervision of IPMP Doctoral Fellows, or Professors.


Institute of Project Management Professionals inducted Eighty (80) mambers who have finish the various stages of both academic work and expected experience into the various levels of the Institution on the 29th of April, 2017 at the Ghana National Teachers Hall at Accra in Ghana.

The president of IPMP, Dr. David Ackah used the opportunity to admonish the President of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo to look into the professional training of Project Managers to avoid several uncompleted projects by project managers and other stakholders.


Dr. David Ackah – Ph.D.

(CPMC. MSc. PGD. BSc. Dip)

The President of IPMP

President Message

On behalf of the Institute of Project Management Professionals (IPMP), I welcome all members to the Professional Body (IPMP) where Professionals success is our primary business. Our ultimate aim is to strive to enrich the lives of students through lifelong learning professional programs. Our professional programs are constantly under review to ensure it reflects the skill requirements of a dynamic workforce in the present day and our fundamental strategy is based on partnership with organizations and this enable us to build a cordial working relationships for the benefit of our professionals and organizations.

Institute of Project Management Professionals (IPMP), provides quality academic, professional training programs as well as challenging and exciting general interest and continuing education courses. We offer Certified Programs in the following areas: – Project Management, Project Procurement Engineering, Project Financial Engineering, Project Economist, & Doctoral Fellow in Project Management.

Our programs are tailored towards Classroom, online, distance learning and part time system of learning. We have highly qualified professional’s lecturers who are dedicated to excellence in teaching and committed to helping other professionals succeed. Looking forward to your attendance at IPMP. Your success is important to us and we are pleased to have the chance to help you attain your Academic, Professional and personal goals. IPMP Training the professionals to bridge the gap between the theory and practical


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